The Band

Dustin Devine

Honky Tonk Country & Bluegrass


July 27, 2019

Burlington Rodeo | Burlington.Colorado

August 16, 2019

Music in the Park | Golden.Colorado

August 24, 2019

Private Party | Watkins.Colorado

September 28, 2019

Elbert County Music & Art | Elizabeth.Colorado

October 5, 2019

Barn Party | Parker. Colorado

November 2, 2019

Franktown Grange | Franktown.Colorado

The Real Deal

In today's fast paced world of computerized recording and auto-tuners, it seems that the music possessing the heart and soul of country music in its prime is hard to come by. Until now, "Dustin Devine and The Real Deal" are carrying the torch. The Denver based six-piece band formed in 2014 includes: bluegrass and country music veterans; Dustin Devine, Tom Broderick, Ernie Martinez, Joel Denman, Doug Elrick, and Kenny Pabst. Stewards of the classic country and honky tonk sound when this music was "real", it's the "Real Deal". Wear your dancin boots!

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Cell | 303.667.6115

Dustin Devine  | Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Joel Denman  | Fiddle

Ernie Martinez | Drums

Kenny Pabst  | Vocals & Bass

Tom Broderick  | Pedal Steel

Doug Elrick  | Vocals & Lead Guitar